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A little bit of right goes the wrong way

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Me:I cleaned all the dishes
Mom:aren't you going to put them away too?
Me:you have to upgrade from the trial version to the full version.


Poking holes in dad’s condoms so someone else can do the dishes

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me all the time

Et dans mon oraison funèbre on pourra lire “s’est électrocutée en débranchant son ordinateur avec ses pieds parce qu’elle avait la flemme de se lever”

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Promoing at the beach

Ancient Roman prostitutes did something similar, but usually they would have phalluses inscribed in their sandals. So, if you were ever in the mood, you could just look down and follow the dicks.

follow the yellow dick-road

I love history lessons on tumblr.

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              Kim Woo Bin for MERRELL.

Anonymous asked:
I respect the fact that you are vegan but does that mean you are not religious? You don't believe God put animals on this earth for us humans?




I’m a atheist, I’ve never been religious at all, even growing up. Even if I was, I wouldn’t think any kind of god would put animals on this earth to be enslaved, abused and killed because of human selfishness. We should be protecting them. Animals exist for their own reasons, we don’t own them, or this planet. 

If only white people were this adamant about human beings. My God, would this world have been a better place for our people of color. Instead of giving a fuck about some damn animals…

Hey, did you know it’s possible to have great concern for multiple things? Did you know that there are vegans (like me) who are POC and don’t appreciate being erased? Did you know that we grow so much food we could feed virtually all hungry people, most of whom are POC, but we’d rather feed it to livestock? Did you know that people of color in poor countries have their land violently stolen without compensation to grow crops for livestock in rich countries? Did you know POC are overworked, abused, underpaid, and otherwise exploited to grow crops for livestock? Did you know slaughterhouses use migrant POC to do physically and mentally dangerous work in slaughterhouses while overworking and under compensating them? Did you know that industries that thrive on animal exploitation also thrive on exploitation of people of color and that’s one of the reasons why I’m a vegan?

I bet you wouldn’t give a damn if someone devoted all their time and money to rescuing dogs from kill shelters, so let’s get to what you’re actually upset about; people inconveniencing you by telling you what’s wrong with animal exploitation.